TWC Opens Doors For Communications Student

By Caroline Guy, TWC Media Intern from Baldwin Wallace University

If you want to stress out a college senior, ask “So what are your plans after college?” Some of us have an answer; most don’t. As a college senior headed into my final semester of my undergraduate career, the answer is very important, but seemingly impossible. I have too many interests, many different experiences, and no idea where to start.

But I never thought I’d ever be interested in the land of politics. Until my internship with The Washington Center, that is.

I started interning with The Washington Center at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and it was that experience that led to me realize that a Communications role in the political realm might actually be pretty cool! I learned so much during those two weeks; but most important I learned how versatile my communications degree is and that job possibilities are everywhere.

I headed into my senior year at Baldwin Wallace University with a renewed excitement for the job search. Was it still scary? Oh yeah. Was I excited to see where I ended up? Definitely.

While I was ready for anything, I was not expecting a chance to again work for The Washington Center. I was so ecstatic to receive the email asking me and the other two media interns to return. But there also was reality: Two weeks away in Washington D.C.? Missing class and rehearsals and meetings? But the myriad skills and tasks I completed are why I chose to return for the Inauguration Seminar.

While the opportunity to be in the nation’s capital during the Inauguration was an appealing part of the Seminar (I mean hello?!? So cool!), what attracted me most was being able to dive head first into social media work once again. I know that I am passionate about working with social media for organizations, and interns don’t always get to have full responsibility for a social media account. The Washington Center staff expect us to create and upload content to multiple social media accounts. Getting to do this not once, but twice for an organization, and for something like the RNC and the Inauguration, is an experience that I never thought I’d have.

To be able to work for an organization that not only treats me as a professional in my field, but also wants me to gain the most from my experience is pretty much a dream internship for a college senior. I am starting my final semester of college with an experience that will give me a unique set of skills and set me apart from other job applicants. I’ve already noticed interviewers get drawn to my TWC portion of my resume, and I’m genuinely excited to see how much I will grow during this seminar. Listening to speakers, exploring D.C., and creating content for the communications team is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done in my college career, and to be able to do it for two more weeks is unbelievable.

So do I have an answer to that intimidating, looming question? Nope. I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate in four months. I could still head in any direction and work in every field. But my internships with The Washington Center have given me skills to get me wherever I need to go, and have opened my eyes to a whole new field I hadn’t considered before. While I have no clue what these next two weeks hold for me, I know that it will help me become a better version of my Communications self and help me bring more to the table at my school and in the workplace.

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