Full Academic Program - Faculty Leaders

Enrich Your Classroom with this Unique Teaching Opportunity | January 11-15, 2021

Expand students’ knowledge of democracy and the U.S. political system beyond the classroom

The Inauguration 2021 Academic Seminar is designed for college and university faculty to participate as Faculty Leaders, guiding students through programming that integrates with their academic coursework. Many institutions arrange for a group of students, led by a faculty leader, to enroll in the seminar for academic credit. All faculty interested in attending as a Faculty Leader should apply. The number of Faculty Leaders accepted is contingent on the number of students enrolled in the Full Academic Program. You are guaranteed a position as a Faculty Leader if you participate with at least six students from your institution.

What you’ll gain

  • Free access to the virtual event, plus on-demand access to the recordings for one year
  • A $200 stipend per student assigned to your small group
  • Real-time information that you can use in the development of your future curricula
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty from other academic institutions globally.
  • A fulfilling and rewarding experience of helping your students’ personal and professional growth
  • A unique professional development opportunity to teach and learn in a historical setting. Professors list their experience as Faculty Leaders on their LinkedIn profiles and CVs.

What you’ll do

  • Attend all program sessions with the students, and lead a one-two hour small group discussion each day with your group (via Zoom).
  • Help your students deepen their understanding of what they hear from speakers and panel discussions.
  • Create an environment in which students can learn and grow
  • Serve as an advisor and mentor for your students on a variety of academic and professional matters related to the program
  • Read students’ written work and provide written evaluations and recommend a grade for each student in your group at the end of the program
  • Provide the background and guidance that students may be lacking as they consider all of the new information they’ve been exposed to each day.

Apply or Request More Information

Faculty Leaders are selected based on the strength of their CV and demonstrated interest in experiential learning. If you have 6 or more students attending the academic seminar (as participants in the Full Academic Program), you will be guaranteed a position as a Faculty Leader. You will still need to apply as a Faculty Leader to secure your position.

To be considered, please apply by November 11, 2020

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Enrich Your Classroom With This Unique Teaching Opportunity

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